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  • Do all of your libraries require the full version of Kontakt?

Some of them do and some do not. Please read technical requirements for each product.  Anything that requires the full version of Kontakt 6.71 or higher  will NOT work with the free Kontakt Player.

  • My library is taking a very long time to load and/or Kontakt freezes upon opening. 

Instructions for how to fix this here: Batch re-save Instructions.

  • How do I download and install my new virtual instrument? 

Or products are delivered using the free Pulse downloader and library management tool for Mac, Windows or Linux at

  • When I load the library in Kontakt, "Demo Mode" appears in the player and then times out after a few minutes. How do I solve this?

If you see the phrase "Demo Mode," one of two things is happening. If you're loading one of our 'Full Kontakt Only' libraries like SA! Bass, SA! Jazz Drums, SA! Bongos & Congos, etc. that means you are opening the library with the free Kontakt Player.  These libraries work with the full version of Kontakt 6 or 7. Make sure you are using these and not "Kontakt Player" as they are easy to confuse in your DAW.

The reverse is true if you're loading one of our New Standard libraries, like Birth of the Trumpet, Atomic Big Band, The Real Piano, etc. These libraries must be loaded from the 'Libraries" tab and not the Files tab. If you load them from the Files tab, you will see Demo Mode and it won't work correctly.

  • Where is my serial number so I can add it to "My Library" in Kontakt?

For products compatible with the Free Kontakt Player, your serial will be in the email you received when you purchased the library.

For the rest of our libraries, there is no need add to My Library, just navigate to where the folder was downloaded to on your hard drive in the "Files" tab to the left of the "Libraries" tab. 

  • Do you offer refunds or license transfers of purchases?

We do not offer refunds on software purchases for any reason. We do offer license transfers on a case by case basis (email us).

  • How do I receive my library once I purchase?  Can I buy a boxed DVD of the library?

Our libraries are download-only, we do not offer boxed versions of our products.  After checkout, you’ll receive emails with secure links to download the library.

  • In Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums, the ride cymbal patterns aren't triggering on the downbeat, but are delayed a couple beats.

The hardest velocities trigger a "mid" sample which starts a measure, or two beats later (depending on the tempo).  These are very useful after fills or hits.  To get a regular loop on the downbeat, just play at a normal or soft velocity. 

  • Do you offer an educational discount?

For qualified individuals with a school ID, a discount may be available. Please use the form below to inquire.

  • I lost my download links, serial number or redemption key. How can I re-download my products?

Log into your Pulse App and you library will be available for you to download without having to renter a key or find a link.

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