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Straight Ahead Samples is pleased to announce DJ Harrison’s LAYBACK/THROWBACK. Channeling the spirit of artists & producers like J-Dilla, ?uestlove, Madlib, D’Angelo and Herbie Hancock, LAYBACK/THROWBACK creates a sonic world all its own.  In this unique collection, producer/multi-instrumentatlist, DJ Harrison shares hundreds of looped grooves, melodic and chordal ideas, distinct production choices and sound effects offered as inspirational leaping-off points to get the create juices flowing.


This library requires the FULL version of Kontakt 6.71 or higher and will NOT run on the free Kontakt Player.


  • Over 300 super-groovy and vibey loops.  Drums, basses, guitars, pianos, rhodes, synths, organs, multi-percussion.

  • 3 formats.  Kontakt 5, Maschine, and wav.

  • Tons of Effects. Filters, distortions, compressors, bit-crushers, delays and reverbs.  (Kontakt version only)

  • Sampled Drum Kit blends seamlessly with the loops.  Using the same recording and drum setup as the loops, we sampled DJ Harrison’s kit to be able to blend with the drum loops.

  • Mutli-mic sampling of drums.  Mix the individual microphones on the drum kit to your own liking and apply effects to each individual channel.  (Kontakt version only).

  • MPC Drum Triggers.  With the touch of a button, turn on different MPC kick and snare samples that are triggered exactly with the drum grooves recorded in the loops.  Mix them in to your liking with the mixer.

  • Transpose Pitched instruments up or down by half-steps, up to 1 octave. 





DJ Harrison

The son of a radio DJ who introduced him to the world of record collecting, Harris grew up with music, progressing from violin, to high school drum-line, to the Jazz Studies program at Virginia Commonwealth University. He also continued working with other instruments and developed an interest in sampling. His development as a producer – at first, without a computer or sampler – came first learning to replay samples on the drums, piano, bass or guitar. 

DJ Harrison finds himself inspired by local musicians in the Richmond scene that’s as diverse and nonexclusive as they come. Among rappers, producers, punks and bluegrass bands, he falls within reach of an expansive pool of musicians to collaborate with. He lives and works in Jellowstone, a house turned recording compound occupied by his band mates in Butcher Brown, a “garage punk jazz funk” group. 

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