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A fun, off-the-wall & avant-garde free jazz drum experience. Inspired by the drumming of Ed Blackwell, Milford Graves, Max Roach channeling the work of John Coltrane, Cecil Taylor and Albert Ayler.


This library requires the FULL version of Kontakt 6.71 or higher and will NOT run on the free Kontakt Player.





Drummer and composer, Scott Clark keeps time in the balance. His performances behind the kit are generous and empathetic, establishing his voice immediately upon striking the surface. It is rare to find art that is both formally rigorous and aesthetically vital, but Clark thrives in this project, engineering frameworks for lucid, active songs, drawing on the performances of his collaborators and the weight of his subject matter. A series of jazz suites have emerged from the study of his own Native ancestry, beginning with Bury My Heart (2016) written in response to Dee Brown’s book of the same title, and continuing with ToNow (2018) written as a contribution to the Standing Rock protests and the unlawful construction of an oil pipeline across Native land. By centering jazz in this historic and ongoing injustice, Clark pulls together a deeply American artform and a deeply American tragedy, yet his project never feels weighed down by its sense of purpose. Protest music that is lucid and nourishing, a rhythmic shape of restless assurance.

A haunting, reverent quality that is most heartfelt. One of the best debuts I’ve heard from a previous unknown band.
– Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

He has this really interesting way of swinging […] it sometimes morphs into rock-ish straight eighths or fractures into free improv freakouts. it always feels totally in control; I sense that his ride cymbal will never let you down. It feels personal to him, and I like that.
– NPR’s A Blog Supreme

A unique combination of imagination, courage, technical mastery, and rhythmic sensibility to another set of strikeable instruments.
– Matthew E. White, Spacebomb Records

Scott Clark is a proud endorser of C&C Custom Drums

Scott is also an accomplished painter. Check out his visual art here.

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