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Happy 2024, its time to Sync things up!

We wanted to start off the year with an official announcement of something we quietly leaked in a video last month. It's a new free plugin we developed called  Non-Smart Delay Track Sync. It is available in the new “Resources” section of our website under Support. 

For those of you don’t know. Smart Delay is a feature that is unique to Straight Ahead Samples that produces extremely realistic results from our sample libraries. Flipping on the Smart Delay gives the script time to process the midi information and render a result virtually indistinguishable from a human performance.

The second plugin we are releasing now is technically a Kontakt multiscript That gives you a single switch to turn all Smart Delay instruments on our off together. 

All the woodwind and brass libraries to date feature the original 4-beat version we refer to as Smart Delay 1.0 Where previously you would the move the midi region four beats to the left to account for the delay. 

Our new JB-145 Arch top Guitar is the first to offer a compensation plugin that is applied to the track so that midi stays in its original position. We call this Smart Delay 2.0

Naturally, we anticipated that it would be desired for all the previous instruments to have the same plugin. However, because of the amount of delay needed for those instrument types and the different amount of delay that different DAWs allow a plugin to offset, we needed to develop a different solution. So here it is! 

The Non-Smart Delay Track Sync. 

So what does it do, and how do you use it?

It's a very simple plugin that delays any audio passing through it by 4 beats. You can apply to other virtual instruments or audio tracks. Whenever you have smart delay engaged, you can apply this plugin to the OTHER non-smart delay tracks so that its playback synchronized without having to move any midi regions. You can apply this plugin to each track individually OR create a bus that to which your non-smart delay tracks output and apply it to that for an easy one click on and off. 

This is essentially the same result as a compensation plugin for the Smart Delay 1.0 You just apply it to the non-SD tracks instead. 

Take a closer look at this in action.

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