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Apply this plugin as an insert on any non-smart delay midi or audio track to delay its audio to play in sync with any instrument in our "New Standard" series that uses Smart Delay. This alleviates the need to move midi regions and displays all midi and audio events at their original intended placement in the timeline.

Kontakt multiscript that allows you to turn Smart Delay on and off for all your instruments with one click.

Files and setup Instructions for using Atomic Big Band! The Horns with Dorico, a notation application from Steinberg. Contains a playback template, live stage template, individual expression maps, and documentation

MIDI Files

Download the raw .mid file from some of the demos for our products.

JB-145, SA! Jazz Drums, SA! Bass, SA! Bongos & Congas
3rd party libraries: Vibraphone, Strings

JB-145, SA! Jazz Drums, SA! Bass

JB-145, SA! Congas, SA! Bass

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