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Archtop Guitar & Tuba: Just In Time For Black Friday

We are proud to announce our two newest libraries: Big Easy Tuba and JB-145: Archtop Guitar. Both arriving just in time for the holiday sales season.

First up, continuing in the line of our New Standard series, we've got Big Easy Tuba. Recorded and programmed in the same fashion as our breakout successes like Birth of the Trumpet and Atomic Big Band!, Big Easy Tuba is the first tuba library of its kind. Performed by a professional jazz, brass band and broadway ringer, this library is full of grit and funk. Like all of our New Standard instruments, when Smart Delay is engaged, you've got a real live tuba player in your DAW.

SAS is finally taking the plunge and bringing its Smart Delay technology to the world of stringed instruments. JB-145: Archtop Guitar is our first foray into this area and it's showing us a whole other world of realism. Our "2,000 sample per note" gets an upgrade when now we have to sample each note on each string as well. So the sheer number of recordings is unprecedented. This guitar features all the articulations you'd expect from a full-featured guitar library, slides, hammer-ons, down/up picking, pull-offs, harmonics, etc etc etc. We've also got some stuff you might not have seen before. For example, in chord mode (polyphonic playing), you can play anything with the pick or just the fingers of the right hand, for a more complete palette of guitar playing styles. You've also got a mic signal as well as the direct signal, along with a selection of amps and effects. The blend of the microphone and amp signals is quite breathtaking and not covered yet by other libraries.

We can't wait to share more demos and videos with you. Both libraries will be available for purchase on November 20th and will kick off our Seven Steps To Heaven holiday sale to get these and our other groundbreaking instruments at the lowest prices of the year.

*Big Easy Tuba will include the free Kontakt Player 6.71 or higher.

** JB-145: Archtop Guitar will require the FULL version of Kontakt 6.71 or higher and will not run on the free player.

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