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Tenor Colossus

Based on the same sampling concepts as "Birth of the Trumpet." our tenor saxophone library marks the first truly realistic library of its kind. Dripping with vibe and personality, Tenor Colossus fills a much-needed gap in everyone's sample arsenal.



Tenor Colossus

    • Beautiful vintage Mark VI tenor saxophone performed by a seasoned jazz player. 

    •  The New Standard method of sampling. Over 2,000 samples per note for a level of detail and realism never before possible. Goes beyond simple round-robins and legato transitions to a truly unprecedented number of note variations.

    • 2 microphone positions (close and room), with custom bleed convolution reverb.

    • “Smart Delay” feature which analyzes dozens of details about the played phrase and intelligently selects the appropriate samples. Works in tandem with our New Standard sampling method, to eliminate the need for auditioning countless keyswitches just to create a realistic melodic phrase.

    • “Reconstructed Vibrato” the recreates the timbral embouchure characteristics of a real player’s vibrato.

    • All the standard articulations required of a saxophone player in this style (legato, staccatos, falls, trills, scoops, glisses, etc).

    For more info and Demos on Tenor Colossus click here.

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