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JB-145: Archtop Guitar

This library works with the FULL version of Kontakt 6.7 or higher. It will NOT run on the free Kontakt Player.


More info here:


We've got some great features and final finishing touches to finish! Delivery expected by December 2nd, 2023. Download automatically  sent  via email upon release.


  • Classic archtop guitar performed by a seasoned jazz player.

  • The New Standard method of sampling. Over 2,000 samples per note for a level of detail and realism never before possible. Goes beyond simple round-robins and legato transitions to a truly unprecedented number of note variations.

  • “Smart Delay” feature which analyzes dozens of details about the played phrase and intelligently selects the appropriate samples. Works in tandem with our New Standard sampling method, to eliminate the need for auditioning countless keyswitches just to create a realistic melodic phrase.

  • Microphone and direct/amp signals available with that can be blended together for an amazing sound.

  • Chord and monophonic playing w/Smart Delay improvements for both styles.

  • Pick and finger samples for chords

JB-145: Archtop Guitar

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