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Straight Ahead! Bongos & Congas

A deeply sampled full set of both bongo and conga drums with a plethora of individual hits and tempo-synced grooves, across many genres of latin, jazz and pop music, SA! Bongos & Congas is a  dynamic set of instruments that will add that much-needed rhythmic energy to your tracks.


Note: this library requires the full version of Kontakt 5 or higher, and will not run on the free Kontakt Player.

Straight Ahead! Bongos & Congas

    • Set of 3 conga drums (quinto, conga & tumbadora) and standard 2-drum bongos (macho and hembra)

    • 3 microphone positions w/ user-controlled interface

    • Multiple articulations including open, slaps, rolls, muffled, flams and many more

    • Tons of grooves w/ variations including bolero, cha-cha, swing, son, rumba, merengue and many more

    • Numerous fills and options for half-time and double-time playing

    • 1.06 GB size

    • Full version of Kontakt 5.5.8 or higher required

    Click here for more info and demos on Straight Ahead! Bongos and Congas

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